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9 Most Common Garage Door Issues to Watch Out For

October 18th, 2021 | 3 min read

By Chris Henningsen

The most common garage door issues to watch out for

Professionally installed, well-maintained garage doors last for many years, improving the value and function of any residential or commercial space. Just like numerous common household appliances, though, even the best garage doors can fail. When this happens, it puts homes and businesses at risk for security issues, weather damage, space inaccessibility, and more.

The Gator Garage Door Repair team believes in helping every customer make informed decisions about their garage door investment. In this blog, we talk about the most common garage door issues owners face and how professional maintenance and repair services can help.

For professional advice on everything from window styles to paint colors for garage doors, reach out to Gator Garage Door Repair at 512-518-5544 today.

Common Garage Door Issues

#1: Noisy Movement or Parts

As garage doors age, bearings and other mechanical parts may lose lubrication or grease. When this happens, both motorized and hand-operated garage doors may become noisy and difficult to operate.

While it may be tempting to try a DIY fix for a screechy or noisy garage door, doing so may damage the door further or result in unnecessary costs. Professional garage door mechanics know the signs and symptoms of part and bearing wear. These experts quickly resolve the issue with any necessary lubricants or part replacements, saving property owners time and frustration.

#2: Uneven Movement

For property owners who notice a garage door is moving unevenly, the problem could be as simple as an obstructed track. First, visually inspect the garage door tracks to check for any foreign objects or obstructions.

If cleaning and wiping the tracks is impossible or does not help, contact a professional garage door maintenance service as soon as possible. Experts like those you’ll find at Gator Garage Door Repair will inspect all components of your garage door and quickly resolve the problem, potentially preventing further damage to the door or its parts.

#3: Failure To Open All the Way

Another common garage door issue owners often face is a failure to open all the way. This problem can arise for several reasons, including obstructed tracks, faulty sensors, bad garage door springs, etc.

If you do not see any obstructions, it’s best to have a garage door expert take a look. They have the experience needed to quickly hone in on common sources of this problem and offer affordable solutions for restoring the function of a garage door.

#4: Slow Movement

Of all the garage door issues property owners face, slow movement is one of the most common. Over time, residue and other organic material can build up on the tracks of garage doors, making door movement slow during the opening and closing process.

If garage door tracks have been properly cleaned and maintained, the issue could lie with the extension springs or the garage door’s speed setting itself. Never try to repair these issues yourself. Contact a qualified professional to protect yourself from risk, stress, and higher repair costs.

#5: No Movement at All

If your garage door has stopped responding and will not open or close, there may be a serious underlying problem. Though it may be tempting, do not attempt DIY fixes for a frozen garage door. Doing so may result in more damage to the door or its mechanical structures.

Reach out to experienced repair professionals to resolve a garage door that has suddenly stopped moving. These trained mechanics will start from small and work their way to big, checking everything from your garage door opener batteries to the motor, circuit breaker, and beyond.

#6: Damaged Seals

Beyond movement-related garage door issues, silent problems such as damaged seals can cause unchecked damage in garage and warehouse spaces. Over time, seals wear down due to use, exposure to the elements, and other reasons. When cracks form in these seals, it can put indoor garage and warehouse spaces at risk for damage from water, rodents, and other problems.

Trained garage door mechanics make replacing or repairing these seals a breeze. After an assessment, garage door seals can be replaced or fixed in as little as a single visit.

#7: “Phantom” Movement

Does it seem as though your garage door may be “possessed”? Any property owner who notices their garage door opening and closing without input should take immediate action. This behavior could indicate a short somewhere in the garage door wiring. Immediately cut off the circuit breaker to the garage door and call in the professionals.

After an initial assessment, qualified garage door repair technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and provide an affordable repair, making sure the garage door opens and closes as it should.

#8: Moving Too Fast

If your garage door opens too fast or slams shut when you operate it, it may be an issue with the torsion springs, cables, or garage door speed. In some cases, these issues could render the garage door inoperable.

The Gator Garage Door Repair team advises against trying to use any DIY repairs for this issue, as there are major safety concerns. Instead, save time, money, and stress by letting an expert quickly identify and remedy the problem.

#9: Faulty Sensors

Faulty sensors can create a number of different problems in the operation of a garage door, such as limited opening or closing without being operated. If your garage door behaves strangely and you see no visible obstructions in the tracks or other issues, your sensors may be to blame.

Garage door technicians will locate and thoroughly clean each sensor, checking them for correct operation and replacing as necessary.

Find Reliable Garage Door Repair in Austin

Garage doors add improved aesthetics and functionality to any residential or commercial space. With professional, informed upkeep and repair, the average garage door can last many years, paying for itself in convenience, property value increases, and more.

If you’re a property owner facing garage door issues, trust affordable garage door services by Gator Garage Door Repair. Call our friendly staff at 512-518-5544 to get started with a consultation today.