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Industrial & Commercial Garage Door Sizing Guide

July 5th, 2021 | 3 min read

By Chris Henningsen

Many businesses in the diverse commercial and industrial sectors of Austin, TX, need garage door access. Garage doors provide versatility during daily operations for various types of businesses, including:

  • Vehicle mechanics and machine repair shops
  • Restaurants
  • Public works (such as fire departments)
  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • And more

Choosing the right commercial garage door size and type will help you find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for access to your building. At Gator Garage Door Repair, our experts have the knowledge to guide you during your commercial garage door purchase.

Types of Commercial Doors

Sectional or Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead or sectional garage doors are a common choice for many business owners. These doors use a track system to raise or lower several sections or panels. The panels connect and fold using hinges, making the door flexible.

Sizes of Sectional or Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors are available in many sizes designed to meet the needs of various businesses and industries. Sizes for overhead garage doors typically start at around 8’ wide by 8’ high and go as high as 40’ in height and/or width. Commonly used door sizes for industry and commercial use begin at 10’x10’ and beyond.

When deciding your business’s overhead garage door size, consider the dimensions of any vehicles, machines, or other materials that need to fit through it.

Overhead or Sectional Garage Door Materials

Overhead commercial garage doors come in various materials, the most common of which are steel and aluminum. Manufacturers also treat sectional garage doors with different chemical coatings for insulation and weatherproofing if desired.

Benefits of Overhead Commercial Garage Doors

Reliable, efficient access to property boosts productivity for any property or business. A well-designed, professionally-installed commercial garage door also offers benefits such as:

  • Protection against weather and damage
  • Increased security (compared to sheet doors)
  • Expanded business potential
  • Improved energy efficiency

Overhead commercial garage doors make excellent choices for commercial garages, retail loading areas, and more.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Rolling steel garage doors use a hemmed steel sheet design to roll inward and curl when lifted. Unlike overhead or sectional doors, rolling steel garage doors do not use a long track system.

Rolling steel doors are a heavier-duty version of sheet doors (discussed in more detail below). They are generally used in schools, government buildings, or industrial facilities where overhead space needs to be kept clear and security is critical.

Sizes of Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Due to their design, rolling steel garage doors offer versatility in their size. Manufacturers commonly design these doors to operate in spaces anywhere from 8’ to 36’ wide and beyond, with heights varying depending on the customer’s needs.

Rolling Steel Garage Door Materials

Manufacturers use steel of varying gauges to construct rolling steel commercial garage doors. Available gauges range from 18 gauge to 24 gauge.

Benefits of Choosing a Rolling Steel Garage Door

Rolling steel garage doors are versatile, affordable access options, offering:

  • Improved durability (compared to overhead, sheet, and other garage doors)
  • Versatility in size
  • Better space management

Rolling steel garage doors have applications for many spaces, including retail shops, automotive dealerships, cafeterias, and more.

Sheet and Rolling Sheet Garage Doors

Sheet and rolling sheet commercial garage doors provide simple construction and affordability for any business’ access needs. These doors make great solutions for warehouses, loading docks, storage facilities, or any business that needs overhead space. Sheet doors roll up into a barrel shape, leaving room for machinery like forklifts.

Sizes of Sheet and Rolling Sheet Garage Doors

Sheet and rolling sheet garage doors also come in various sizes, depending on the application. Due to their wide use in the commercial sector for loading and unloading or in self-storage facilities, typical rolling sheet or sheet garage door sizes are 10’x10’ and above.

Sheet and Rolling Sheet Garage Door Materials

Sheet and rolling sheet garage doors typically use steel or aluminum in their construction but are available in multiple materials. To improve weatherproofing, durability, and fireproofing, manufacturers can apply an optional chemical or foam coating.

Benefits of Sheet or Rolling Sheet Garage Doors

Due to their design, sheet and rolling sheet garage doors offer several advantages compared to other commercial garage door types. Sheet and rolling sheet garage doors:

  • Offer improved insulation
  • Are simpler in construction and installation
  • Save space compared to track-rolling garage doors
  • Offer increased affordability
  • Can be weatherproofed and fireproofed as needed

Full-View Commercial Garage Doors

Full-view commercial garage doors allow excellent visibility inside and outside of a facility or business. These doors use metal and glass in their construction and are often used in restaurants, car dealerships, fire stations, and more.

Sizes of Full-View Commercial Garage Doors

Full-view commercial garage doors are typically used in big spaces. Still, these doors come in most standard commercial garage door sizes. To find a full-view commercial garage door in a style and size that fits your budget, let out team help you assess your options.

Full-View Commercial Garage Door Materials

Companies manufacture full-view commercial garage doors using materials like aluminum and glass. These doors are available with optional coatings to improve weatherproofing, durability, and more.

Benefits of Choosing a Full-View Garage Door

Despite being less durable than other garage door types, full-view glass and aluminum commercial garage doors offer unique benefits. Full-view doors provide visibility, lending themselves to showcases and retail spaces as a tool to increase traffic and sales. For places like fire stations, full-view garage doors improve safety and transparency without sacrificing security.

Choose the Right Commercial Garage Door

Improving access to your commercial or industrial property begins with trusting the right garage door professionals. The experienced technicians at Gator Garage Door Repair will discuss your property access needs and help you select the right products. It’s easy to see why we’re the garage door company Austin business owners trust.